The Sova Selling Advantage

As the Team Leader and Listing Specialist, Tim Sova helps you, the homeowner, sell your home at the highest price possible. He negotiates with the selling agent (working with the buyer) to come to a price agreed upon by both the buyers and you, the seller. He then works with our title company handling the closing to make sure the deal closes in a smooth and timely manner.

The Sova Selling Advantage

There are many advantages to using Tim Sova as you listing agent. Three of the most important advantages are:

  1. Tim's Expertise
    • Because Tim has access to the most recent data on market conditions, particularly the local ones most relevant to you, he will provide truly current information on property values and comparative sales. With this information, you will have a much better chance of selling your home at the best price, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least stress.
  2. Our Marketing and Networking
    • The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) represents the most well known and most popular comprehensive service for listing and searching through homes on the market. A considerable amount of resources goes in to getting your home noticed and your listing publicized; we market your property to other real estate agents as well as to the general public and to the most popular online search sites.
    • We also have an extensive and loyal network based on our years in the industry. A National Association of Realtors (NAR) study shows that "82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family and personal contacts.”
    • Buyers brought to your house by our team and/or other agents are more likely to be serious, pre-qualified for financing, and ready to buy.
  3. Tim’s Support in Negotiating
    • Tim represents you and looks after your interests with all the complicated details of your transaction. Tim completes the legally binding contract and paperwork for you and helps you evaluate offers and counter-offers. He also suggests what kinds of considerations are fair and which are not and makes sure you do it all legally. A bullet-proof contract protects you; it keeps the process smooth and makes a successful closing more likely.

The Bottom Line

Tim is an active real estate agent who really knows his stuff in the marketplace. Our team closes an average of 2 ½ deals every week so we know all the ins and outs of selling a home and we will walk you through every step of the process. Contact us today to get the Sova Selling Advantage.