First Time Buyer

There are many things to consider when you are a first time buyer, including:

  • Loan Programs - There are many different loan programs to choose from, and each can have a profound effect on the type of home you can purchase.
  • Price Range - The price range you choose should be based on a variety of factors, including how much you can afford, closing costs, down payment amount, title, and insurance.
  • Home Inspections - A proper home inspection is performed by a certified inspector and will include all aspects of the home, including roof, attic, basements/crawlspaces/foundations, interior walls and ceilings, plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical systems, as well as built in appliances and safety related items.
  • Closing Costs - Closing costs are impacted by many different things, including prorated summer or winter taxes, and homeowners insurance.

The Tim Sova Team has extensive experinece working with first time buyers and can help you navigate all aspects of the sale, from appraisals and seller concessions to all of the concerns listed above. Contact us today for more information.