Buying Process

The Tim Sova Team is dedicated to helping you successfully buy a home. The buying process is extremely complex, and we want our clients to have a solid understanding of all aspects of buying a home. Some important things to understand the buying process include the Buyer's Agent Agreement, as well as tips for searching for a home.

We have developed a six step buying process to ensure that our clients not only have a smooth buying experience, but also get the most for their money. Our six steps for successful home buying include:

  1. Proper Qualification and Financing Make a Big Difference
  2. Total Access Means More Choices, Which Means The Best Choice
  3. The Best Purchase Price is Not Always the Lowest Price
  4. Negotiate Bringing Parties Together
  5. Manage the Details for a Worry Free Transaction
  6. Protect Your Interests

Contact us today to learn more about our buying process and the benefits of working with our team to buy your home or property.